Aero-Kamov performs aircraft building-and-installation operations of any complexity in both megapolis and field conditions of any relief, including the mountains.

Our airline provides the following building-and-installation service:

  • Pipe replacement at industrial facilities;
  • Installation and removal of large constructions;
  • Installation of power transmission lines, support erection, cabling;
  • Erection of cellular network towers;
  • Installation and removal of constructions within skyscrapers;
  • Erection of mountain ski lifts, etc.

These operations have been performed in Russia, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Canada, Republic of South Africa, and France. KA-32 (all modifications included) is capable of carrying cargo up to 5 tons of weight with the external load sling system. KA-32s are the perfect match for building-and-installation operations in the mountains and complicated climatic and natural conditions, all the way from Subarctic through Tropic environment.

The flight crew skills and helicopter specifications provide for the unique building-and-installation operations to any Customer’s need.

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