About company

Aero-Kamov LLC was established by decision of the Kamov Board of Directors in 1994.

Our airline specializes in helicopter air carriage, helicopter maintenance, flight and maintenance crew training. The airline is based at Bykovo Airport, the Moscow district; and the company fleet is also located at the Solokh Aul Line Station (Sochi, the Krasnodarsky region).

Until recently KA-32 in its various modifications has been the basis of the airline’s fleet. This helicopter unique specification provides for most complicated flight operations in all climatic zones worldwide.

The airline's flight crews include high-skilled crew-members with 90% of them being the first-class experts. The maintenance crews are allowed to perform all forms of maintenance with respect to Kamov helicopters.

Aero-Kamov is the only one company in Russia to have all the requisite licenses, permissions, and experience in twenty-four hour helicopter operations with the external load sling system over any city (Operator Certificate № 318 of 28.06.2005, issued by the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation). We have rich experience in international operations, too. Our flight and maintenance crews have repeatedly participated in various, including unique, flight operations practically worldwide. The company takes active part in the UNO humanitarian missions.
We do welcome and appreciate the new partners and customers.

Aero-Kamov is sure to be a reliable, competitive and profit-making business partner for you.

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