Sale of new Mi-171

Airline Company "DP" Aero-Kamov sells new MI-171 helicopters with additional equipment to them. Mi-171 helicopters are designed for a wide range of tasks: carrying passengers and cargo, transportation of bulky cargo on the external load, search and rescue operations, injured evacuation.

Mi-171 helicopter

Manufacturer: Ulan-Ude Aviation Plant, is affiliated of the holding company "Helicopters of Russia"
Country of Origin: Russia
Purpose: Multifunctional.

One of the main advantages of the helicopter is its versatility. During the preflight acquisition helicopter for a short time can be converted from a transport version in the search and rescue, fire, ambulance, as well as a variant of "ER." This allows the helicopter to solve a wide range of tasks.

Placards on vendor items fitted on the instrument and cockpit panels shall be in English, instrument measuring system shall be metrical.

Operational documentation that comes with the Mi-171 published in English

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